Business Intelligence & Analytics

Due to increasingly tough and unpredictable economic conditions along with the challenges of having to process data effectively, organizations suffer from diminishing success rate and stagnant advancement. In this scenario, ReliSource’s cost-effective and comprehensive Business Intelligence services can reduce risk and help keep up with the rate of changes in data dynamics has made it even more difficult for businesses to make fully informed decisions.




Our Experience in Big Data Platforms

  • Mobile, Twitter, Multimedia, Digital Marketing, Pharmaceutical Data Repository, Hospital Equipment Tracking
  • View this PDF for detailed experience and relevant tools & technologies


Our Business Intelligence services at a glance

  • Risk Management Metrics, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition
  • Implement Heat Map Visualization feature of Google Map APIs to represent Network Signal Strength and Coverage Map for Monitors
  • Predictive Analytics, Statistical Analysis
  • Develop custom BI tools & extension
  • Develop experimental design tools
  • Design & prepare robust BI reports with various reporting services (Jaspersoft, Crystal Reports, Tableau, Cloudera etc.)
  • Enable data-driven decisions with interactive dashboards and reports and integrate them into web portal to facilitate real-time data visualization and analysis.
  • Ensure dedicated, dynamic and up-to-date data visualization through web portal instead of static reports


Our Machine Learning expertise

  • Implement Machine Learning for future predictions
  • Analyze existing and current data and identify the criteria for developing Machine Learning model
  • Experienced in popular ML tools such as Amazon Web Services ML (AWS ML), IBM SPSS Modeler and BigML


Values that ReliSource can provide through Business Intelligence services

  • Machine Learning allows faster generation of more reliable forecasts
  • Use of forecasts will lead to more informed decisions and better planning
  • Eliminates the need for a dedicated monitoring team
  • Problems detected and resolved after alert has been triggered
  • Ensure Minimal Human Error
  • Enhanced security and scalability client data
  • Provide a complete record of changes that have been made to the reports/databases in order to ensure smooth audit trail

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