Cloud Services

ReliSource has a decade long experience in Cloud services. Cloud services is the leading exemplar of shared computing processing resources. It provides numerous attractive services to customers such as the provision of on-demand self-service, usage-based pricing, inescapable network access, etc. Our expertise in Big Data services on cloud has been highly commendable by our clients. ReliSource has successfully partnered with several Fortune 500 Companies in implementing several cloud and SaaS projects.

Our experience in Cloud services

  • Expertise in various Frameworks, Protocols, Applications & Tools
  • Knowledge Base on various Cloud / SaaS Model products

Our Cloud services Services at a glance

  • Cloud Consultancy – Strategy for your Cloud Roadmap
  • Cloud Software Services-
    • SaaS, Web Services, Application Hosting, Storage Solutions
    • Integration of CRM, Contact Center applications, Custom Reporting
    • Solutions over Big Data platforms
  • Cloud Migration – Make your existing application Cloud Enabled
  • Cloud Testing- Perform Testing of the Application over Cloud

Incorporation of Cloud services can increase your ROI by 500%

  • Data Centre Monitoring
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Incident/Problem Resolution
  • VMware Solutions
  • Firewall, IDSs & IPSs
  • Access Control and Identity Management
  • Cyber Security Strategy and Protection
  • Host Hardening

Measurable impact on business due to using cloud

  • Fresh Software – Due to incorporation of SaaS, latest versions are made available to customers in the earlier stages making it more productive for workers to work
  • Cloud services is more cost effective
  • Expenses can be quickly reduced
  • Less environmental impact
  • Improved collaboration by allowing dispersed groups to meet virtually and easily