Data Center Operations Support & Management

As a means of monitoring, managing and securing an organization’s IT infrastructure, our Data Center Operations services offer an educated perspective on identifying and neutralizing any form of risks that might critically affect the day-to-day running of the business. Through our substantial investment into customer orientation, ReliSource has acquired the flexibility and know-how to master or overcome the steep learning curve of the architecture of any organization’s internal IT system. Our specialization has often led to identification of possible scope of improvements to boost the efficiency of the existing system.




What we can do for your organization

  • Monitoring systems, facilities, security, messages and alerts. Taking action and/or escalate issues according to documented procedures
  • Monitoring Network & Production Data Center in off-the-office hours
  • Communicating with Vendor Support Team for issues & follow up
  • Monitoring Online & Offline Backup
  • Checking Periodically the Health of Production Environment through Automated Scripts
  • Performing Smoke Test
  • Ensuring that all security procedures are followed and enforced

  • Backend Stage Implementation
  • Application specific support
  • Various types of servers and application management
  • Database Administration

  • Proactively Identify Problems and solve Problems or provide suitable Workarounds to prevent recurrence
  • Record and Prioritize the Problems with a view towards swift and effective resolution
  • Identify root causes to tackle the Problems

  • Provide technical assistance and support for incoming queries and issues
  • Respond to customers either via phone or e-mail to walk them through the solution
  • Follow-up with customers to ensure that the problem has been resolved


List of Tools & Technologies

  • Weblogic, Jboss
  • Sun One, Web Logic

  • IP Networks General
  • IP in Cellular Networks
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Identity/Federation/Security/Access Control
  • Network Protocol Designs
  • System Administration
  • Cloud computing

  • Virtualize data center using Vmware, Microsoft Virtual server 2005
  • Cloud computing implementation for SaaS, Web Service and Application Hosting
  • Storage solution using RightScale, Amazon AWS, EC2 and S3
  • Designing virtualize and non-virtualize enterprize infrastructure
  • Network management and network performance optimization
  • QoS using FIFO, Weighted Fair Queuing, and PCQ

  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Virtualization Consulting
  • Conguration, Change & Patch Management
  • Security and vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • Fault Detection, Notication and Isolation
  • Network Performance – LAN, Wireless and WAN
  • Web, Application and Email/Directory Servers
  • Software Installation and Remediation
  • Bandwidth Analyses and Optimization
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • Disaster recovery

  • Install, Configure and maintain Hosted VMware products
  • Implement, Test and Deploy of VMware Infrastructure
  • Create, Manage, Configure Virtual Machines, Clone and Templates
  • Customize guest operating system on Virtual Machines
  • Create DRS and Custom roles for users and Administrators
  • Snapshot manager and restoring a snapshot
  • Administration-Manage Users, Groups, Roles & Access Permissions
  • Set up and monitor performance monitoring and capacity planning
  • Manage Tasks, Events and Alarms; Monitor VMware backup
  • Import virtual server using VMware converter

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