Healthcare Data Capture

ReliSource, with its extensive software and service provider knowledge base and experience, can help in implementing e-Health solutions to change the way information and related technology are used to improve the quality of patient care. We have in-depth experience in delivering solutions that helped the healthcare industry to successfully streamline their critical processes, go paperless, reduce errors with heuristic data validation as well as conform to regulatory policies. Our experience in capturing clinical data electronically and replacing the traditional paper-based methodology has assisted many Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Medical Devices companies to modernize data collection and accelerate the time to market for drugs and devices. Our adoption of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solutions has given us deep insights into many aspects of clinical research studies.


Revolutionizing Traditional Data Capture Methods

An important question: Why wouldn’t any industry switch to Electronic Data Capture?


EDC has cracked all the nuts in the shell with their extravagant features. This stupendous technology is able to shorten database lock times to just a matter of few hours thus making results available without delay. Very importantly, its contribution to clinical data is remarkable.


The key advantages of EDC over traditional methods are as follows:

In EDC, security maintenance is pretty tight. None other than authorized users can update data files in order to prevent file corruption and errors.

Consistency is by far one of the paramount segments of conducting a research. It is best achieved by having standard data collection tools. Collecting consistent data across studies can be accomplished by using standardized data collection forms in an EDC system.

By utilizing EDC roles and methods for data collection, efficiency in managing resources has been improved drastically. For instance, researchers can monitor the data and make it in the right format before entering into the database. This was an extension to revisions being installed in the system. Using an EDC can also save time in areas that were difficult previously.

An additional advantage to EDC is the ability to remotely access your data. Having data stored in the cloud is the best way to review up-to-date information and receive email updates on the latest events. It is indeed becoming the preferred method as it’s affordable and easier to use.


ReliSource being one of the leading technology service providers with over 12 years of experience and working knowledge with multiple industry verticals, provides the following core services in the areas of EDC:

  • Data Capture, Warehousing and Reporting
  • EDC system development
  • EDC template design
  • Developing custom APIs that connects to an EDC platform
  • Electronic tablet design and configuration
  • Development of specific applications, for e.g. Web and Mobile
  • EDC security management
  • SQA and Testing
  • System Validation to 21 CFR Part 11


Values that ReliSource can add by focusing on the Return on Investment:

  • Decreased double data entry which results in reduction in site monitoring
  • Improved study startup resulting in reduction from design standardization
  • Data Availability and Accuracy resulting in fewer queries
  • Paper Administrative Expenses resulting in significant savings on printing, scanning, trafficking and copying
  • Real time data for decision support
  • Less data processing delays
  • Fewer errors in data mining resulting in quick and efficient reporting