Internet Of Things (IoT)

There are constant changes happening in the world of embedded systems. Devices and products are getting smarter. As the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over the delivery of Machine-to-Machine communications, businesses now have a need to make quicker, better and smarter decisions with the IoT’s data source. As billions of devices are expected to join the IoT over the next several years, analysts are expecting organizations to continue migration from the legacy systems that have been traditionally used. This slow and steady integration into the IoT will have significant impact on the device design. Although IoT is still in its infancy, early adoption has already taken place in the Healthcare & Medical Devices industry, with embedded development showing up in health devices, patient monitoring technologies and home healthcare or telehealth tools.


Empowering IoT concept into Firmware Porting and Enhancement

ReliSource’s embedded systems development team is able to transform your IoT notion into real, functioning prototype with vast expertise in firmware development, advanced sensors, communication protocols and power management. We have a proven track record of success in working with Fortune 500 companies with world-class firmware development and architectural capabilities as a foundation of our offerings. We work in various programming languages, within Windows or Linux based development environments. Our team can also identify possible board and component layouts that minimizes power consumption, optimize memory & RAM for minimum size and maximum speed and provide extensive recovery functionalities.


An important question: Where does the data from the devices go?


Our embedded systems development team has the expertise to build communication capabilities into your devices as well as build the cloud/web based interface and data management system. Therefore, we can connect your device to the cloud in order to preserve seamless data interchange and communication.


ReliSource’s expertise in Embedded Engineering:


Services Overview:

  • Firmware Development, Enhancement & Porting
  • Device Driver Development
  • RTOS Development
  • Protocol Development & Extension
  • Migration from legacy systems
  • System Verification & Validation
  • Automated Test Harness & Development
  • Technical Expertise on various Programming Languages, Protocols, Libraries, Frameworks, Operating Systems, Platforms, Microcontrollers & Microprocessors, Databases, Network Processors, Embedded Web Technologies, Cross Compilers etc.


Values added by ReliSource to increase overall ROI

  • Business logic adaptability to new functionalities
  • Compatibility with different systems & devices
  • Communication Protocol development to connect devices to the cloud/web
  • Optimize Memory & RAM usage for minimum size and maximum speed
  • Low power consumption (Power optimization to Nanowatt level)
  • Extensive recovery functionalities
  • Code made re-usable allowing easier future development

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