Wasim Chaudhuri – Chief Executive Officer

Wasim brings 14+ years of Industry and Management experience to ReliSource. He has worked for successful technology startups like Wellfleet and Cascade Communications in Massachusetts. He has been in the senior management team of 3Com, Lucent Technologies. Additionally, he has worked for Motorola and Nortel Networks in the past. His extensive knowledge of working with outsourcing companies in India, Europe and USA is highly commendable.

Wasim earned an Executive Management degree from Wharton and completed his Masters in Computer Science from Boston University and Bachelors in Computer Science from Slippery Rock University. He was an adjunct faculty member for several years at Boston University and taught Graduate courses of Telecommunication and Computer Science.


Zomana Majid – Chief Technology Officer

An architect of 5 Successful Startups, Zomana brings 16+ years of Network Architecture, Development and Management experience into the limelight.

She has worked for multiple successful startups before joining ReliSource as the CTO. She was the Director of Engineering for Intrusic, Director of Network Management for Legra Systems, Principal Architect for Premonitia, Principal Engineer for Lucent Technologies and part of the R&D team in Ascend Communications, Cascade Communications, Bay Networks, Wellfleet Communications and Motorola Codex.

She has a vast knowledge of building and managing successful Engineering, R&D, SQA and Customer Support organizations in the US. Her experience expands with a keen focus on process and engineering excellence.

Zomana holds a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University and Bachelors in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Boston University.