Our Strength And Uniqueness

Lowest attrition rate: 0% attrition
5 years attrition average: 6.72%
Average employee tenure: 4.65 years


ReliSource is among the top 5 IT companies to work for. In fact it is one of the oldest IT companies in Bangladesh headquartered in the US for more than a decade. It is the number 1 choice for professionals from top-tier Engineering & Business schools in its Global Branch office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The compensation and benefits available here are top notch. You can attain high job satisfaction for work Environment & Quality, Office location, and recreational facilities.


The values that ReliSource can add to its clients

  • Successful delivery of multiple Enterprise-grade projects to Fortune 500 companies
  • Organizational and financial stability
  • Premium IP protection
  • Price advantage over prominent Asian and European destination, ensuring better quality
  • Available & scalable resources with diverse skillset and language proficiency
  • About 50% reduction in IT infrastructure & overall IT operations cost
  • Steady cost (ROI is more than 500% compared to USA and 200% for other Asian & EU regions)
  • Off-the-office hour support ensuring 24/7 Service
  • Availability and scalability of skilled resources
  • Agile methodology for Development & QA cycles, but can adapt to client based process
  • Optimal resource allocation and task management
  • Deliver and Track Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly work status
  • Issue tracker for general & important issues, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Knowledge capture and development