Supply Chain and Logistics

Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and light as well as shock, vibration and pressure can have a significant impact on the supply chain of certain goods such as Healthcare products, Food, Chemical products and Electronics. Today’s businesses rely heavily on sophisticated monitoring technology to ensure that their product shipments does not become damaged or compromised throughout the distribution journey.


Monitor Real-Time Data and solve your Shipping Problems

Logistics tracking has always been one of the core logistics segment due to its capital-intensive equipment, strict temperature requirements and energy dependence. As it is continuously monitored and every shipment is analyzed, distribution routes are also optimized with products being tracked by the minute and mile, which helps in real-time data monitoring to ensure better control over temperature and other external factors that affects the delivery of the goods to the point of destination.


ReliSource’s Specialty in Logistics Tracking

As a specialized engineering service provider, ReliSource offers its clients with expanded technology options and greater flexibility to make sure your products leave and arrive at its point of destination in a much secured way. Therefore, our industry knowledge has given us deep insights into advanced systems and technical competency to help our customers design and implement the most advanced logistics solutions to solve your shipping problems.


Services that we can provide in Supply Chain Management

  • Firmware/Platform Development, Porting, Maintenance & Quality Assurance
  • Middleware Development, Maintenance & Quality Assurance
  • Hardware Development, Maintenance & Quality Assurance

  • Real-Time Data Collection and Validation Tool
  • Data Visualization & Management Tool

  • Different Utility Tools
  • Data Mining Solutions

  • Web/Desktop/Mobile based applications
  • Next Generation Applications like Navigation & Map Application leveraging latest technologies available like GPS, Cell ID etc.
  • Applications & Data Management Tools for Communication, Configuration, Reporting, Visualization etc


Values that we can deliver to increase your ROI

  • Extensive Knowledge & Technology Know-How in the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry
  • Experienced in working in all areas of Supply Chain & Logistics Management Solutions from Device Engineering Services to Real Time Reports in Smart Phones
  • 10+ years of experience in Supply Chain & Logistics Management Solutions
  • Worked with some of the largest US organizations to Design, Develop & Integrate Supply Chain & Logistics Management Solutions

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