Supply Chain & Logistics

As an engineering service vendor to some of the largest organizations in the world, ReliSource provides wide variety of supply chain management, environmental monitoring, and food safety engineering services that will allow you to reduce spoilage of goods, enhance revenue, and meet your goals in strategic areas.


Industries often face the following challenges when it comes to managing the Supply Chain & Logistics of their products:

  • Continuous Monitoring to ensure goods are stored and transported at appropriate Temperature
  • Organized & Managed Distribution & Logistics
  • Higher customer demand that stress out the Supply Chain system
  • Increased Regulatory Compliance
  • Global Market Competition
  • Internal Pressure to Reduce Cost
  • Data Warehousing


We can work with you as your engineering service provider to gain a full understanding of your supply and distribution goals in storage and transport of temperature-sensitive commodities. We are committed to serving you by leveraging our full potential and offer consultancy services and comprehensive engineering services that will improve your supply chain efficiency through full information management to document flow of goods and meet your unique shipping and storage cycle needs, budgets, and resource availability.


As a technology implementation partner, our engineering team has wide range of experience in the healthcare, food, chemical and medical device industries, which we hope can add tremendous value to your organization’s needs in the following areas of expertise:

  • Device Engineering Services
    • Firmware/Platform Development, Porting, Maintenance & Quality Assurance
    • Middleware Development, Maintenance & Quality Assurance
    • Hardware Development, Maintenance & Quality Assurance
  • Data Warehousing
    • Real-Time Data Collection and Validation Tool
    • Data Visualization & Management Tool
  • Web, Desktop & Mobile Solutions for Real-Time Reporting
  • Web Hosting and Data Management Services
  • Backend Infrastructure and Service Development