Unattended Payment System


ReliSource has been working as a Technology Implementation and Innovation Partner for leading Solution Providers of Unattended Payment Systems. It has a wide range of expertise in Design, Development, Implementation, Testing and Maintaining Applications for various Gaming, Vending, Amusement, Retail & Transportation Product Lines such as Cash-Handling & ATM Devices.


The team at ReliSource is proficient in providing a One–Stop–Solution from Device Level Engineering to Cloud & Big Data solutions. This ability to provide development services for the Complete System, starting from the Device Hardware Level, all the way to the application, allows ReliSource to be a trusted technology partner for Unattended Payments Systems Solutions Provider.


ReliSource provides a diverse range of services in this vertical including but not limited to the following:

  • Mobility Solutions for various devices capitalizing Bluetooth, BLE & NFC.
  • Applications & Tools Development for various Cash-Handling devices.
  • Automated Test Harness integrating Test Cases for various Protocols.
  • Firmware, Device Driver, Protocol Development, Enhancement and Testing for various Validators, Accepters, Changers, Recyclers & Dispensers.
  • Demonstration Tools Development.
  • QA Services for Hardware, Firmware & Software.
  • Localization for various Products & Tools.
  • SharePoint Design, Development & Administration.
  • Remote Data Center Operations Support & Monitoring.