At ReliSource we strongly believe in collaborative teamwork, which is the secret of our success in executing projects. We have well defined time-tested processes, which ensure great satisfaction and a high degree of control at every phase of the project.


Nowadays, technology products and services are more available and affordable for small and medium-size businesses. Our main concern is to ensure that key needs of the business are met. We look into the fact that our clients can focus on their actual business and not be bogged down in day-to-day IT issues. To this effect, we become our clients’ partner and build an association which is much more than a client-vendor relationship. We tag ourselves as the “Technology Implementation Partner” of our clients.


Our objective as a “Technology Implementation Partner” is to maximize the value that our clients derive from their IT investment. Our technical expertise and deployment of market leading technology makes this happen.


ReliSource’s offshore development center in Bangladesh has a team of dynamic professionals with rich academic background and strong proficiency in the latest tools and technologies. We at ReliSource practice the best standards of quality to give optimum benefits to our clients.